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"Burnette has a sincere sensibility with his songwriting that is rare to find. A level of maturity and mastery at a young age is not something you come across every day. Like a young John Mayer before the allure and rewards of the pop world tainted his pure and talented vision, this kid is going places." - Matt/Burning Ear

"For me, this kind of sounds like Nick Cave fronted a jazz band who have just discovered post-rock. This is a tender and raw late-night rumination on lost love and, probably, terrible decisions. We’ve all made them. I make them all the time. Regret is the fire that makes me do better next time. I wonder does John feel the same?" - Jamie Coughlan

This singer-songwriter from Little Rock combines jazz and folk for this bourbon smooth single. “Live and Let Me Love You from Here” takes a stripped down approach on the instrumental end to give space to the pensive lyricism of John Burnette. If you like low-lit bars and slow-burning songs, check out “Live and Let Me Love You from Here”. - Yabyum Music + Arts

"-This song has a wonderfully lulling acoustic fingerpicking part that feels like it could have come out any time in the past 100 years. The vocal style from Burnette doesn’t date it any more specifically, also feeling refreshingly old fashioned. This sounds like something your grandparents might enjoy on vinyl right beside you. Isn’t that the best kind of music? Think about home as you cozy up with this great tune." 

"As a storyteller, Burnette is constantly collecting scenarios and crafting them into short quips that are multidimensional in song form... The vocals, which for fans are entirely iconic, sound familiar, a bit like your best friend – think of a cross between a modern, sultry J J Cale and a whimsical Jack Johnson and you’re not far off the mark." - Becca Bona

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