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Parlor One available now...

Nashville, TN - Singer-Songwriter and guitarist John Burnette is set to release the unclad follow-up to his self-titled debut album.  Interwoven subtly with notes of dark humor, Parlor One, which is named for the room and guitar in and with which it was written, is a demure post-Americana exploration of agency, acceptance, and eventually, self-awareness.  


The first in a two-part series, Parlor One is comprised of songs written from Burnette’s grandmother’s front parlor where he acted as a caretaker following the end of his marriage. A contrast to his debut release, this album features little instrumentation beyond a guitar or two, and even no accompaniment in the case of Mercy Mercy. 

The single, NYC Babe, was released earlier this summer and received warmly by the international indie music blogging community, with Rock The Pigeon dubbing it a “Folk Masterpiece.” Burnette has lent his talents as a guitar player to Nashville favorites Matt Stell and Charlotte Leigh, in addition to performing alongside Jazz legends Clark Terry, Bob Dorough, and Pharoah Sanders. This sophomore release, however, finds him coming into his own as both a vocalist and songwriter. 

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